A Basic Bro Blog

I have a website published to the interwebs with Bootstrap installed and I using a container to keep the content inside to make the site look better and easier to read. But when did I write this. There is no date or author posted on the blog. I'll add the dates and use the <small> markup to separate the date and author from the blog content. Now I'll never forget when I wrote my blog and I can see my progress over time as I blog about building a blog.

But it still doesn't look like a blog. It looks a little basic. And I don't want to be that guy that has a basic bitch blog. So how do I solve this problem. Like every other problem I find the laziest quickest bestest solution. And that is a Bootstrap theme. Luckily the bootstrap website has some themes and even has a blog theme.

The theme doesn't have a CDN that we can point to. But what's the next best thing. If I look at the source code of the theme demo I can view the custom CSS code. I'll copy the CSS and put it in a file called blog.css. The theme uses a custom Google font and it won't be displayed unless I import the font. It's easy to import with one line of code from the Google font API. Now my header font changes to the Playfair family. The theme uses a different layout and includes a header as well as a blog snippet grid with preview images. I'll copy the header HTML and paste it at the top of the index.php file.

The header HTML includes a search box, a subscribe and login button. However, right now we don't have any of those things. So I'm gonna comment those out and save those for later. Now it's just the title of the blog site, me. Right below that is a category navigation menu and I only have one category, web development. Maybe I'll have more categories later when I have more than 3 blogs on my whole blog site. For now I'm gonna comment that out and save it for later when I have more content.

Below the category navigation menu that you can't see right now because I commented it out in my HTML is a Jumbotron. A Jumbotron is a banner usually located below the header on most sites that use it. It's kind of like a large billboard on the side of the road accept way more basic and instead of a road it's a website and usually has something catchy and descriptive of what the site is all about. I think the name of the first blog pretty much sums up what this site is all about, "A Blog About Building A Blog". So I'll add that under the category menu.

The Jumbotron also has a section for a snippet of a featured blog so I'll add the first paragraph to the first blog as well. Below that is a link to continue reading the blog however, I only have one page to my blog right now and haven't added separate pages to the system yet so I'll comment that out.

Now I have upgraded my blog from basic bitch status to baller status. But the further we go down the rabbit hole the more we can upgrade the blog to higher levels of baller statuses.


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