A Blog About Buidling a Blog Website

I’m starting a blog about my coding projects. And what better topic to have on a web developer blog than a blog about creating a blogging system. My goal for this blog is to help other developers like me and help my career as a web developer. I hope to use the blog to share my projects with others who could benefit from my blog.

Web Environment

I’ll start by choosing a web environment for my blog site. I could choose a $5 virtual server but I already have a GoDaddy reseller account that comes with a free Linux cPanel.

I logged in to my Godaddy account and blew the dust off it so I could see my server. It was running an outdated version of PHP 5.4. Generally, it’s not a good idea to run old outdated software for security reasons. Luckily updating PHP in cPanel is easy. I just went to the software section and went to “Select PHP Version”. Then I selected the latest version 7.3 at the moment. Now I need to point my domain zachdyer.com to my cPanel. With GoDaddy, it’s under manage hosting where you update the primary domain. However, mine did not update and I had to call GoDaddy to have them fix it. And they got it working in a few hours.

Now that zachdyer.com is pointed at the Godaddy shared host I created a blank index.php file and put it in the public_html dir. Since this is going to be the first blog I will convert it to HTML and paste it into my index.php for my first blog.

Now I have a fully functioning website and I have successfully published my first blog about building a blog on the interwebs. Get ready for the next blog where we discuss how to make the website look less like Craigslist in Why Does my Blog Look Like Shit.