Mark Down the Markup

Now the blog looks awesome on any device thanks to Bootstrap and I can easily add new blogs using phpMyAdmin. The blog even has some basic pagination for older and newer blogs.

But every time I write a blog I have to use HTML to write the content. Any links or formatting need to be written using HTML markup. If only there was an easier way to write my blogs without all the HTML tags. Those less than and greater than brackets are not easy to find on the keyboard. I still look down on my keyboard to make sure I'm hitting the correct one.

There is a package for that. With Composer I can install PHP packages and install them and use them in my project. Composer will autoload them magically and I can use the package without any boilerplate code.

composer require erusev/parsedown

Now with that installed I can use the parsedown object and write my blogs in markdown.

$Parsedown = new Parsedown();

And now with the $Parsedown object I convert my markdown to markup.


Now whenever I write a blog I can use Markdown which is a dumbed down version of HTML that saves me time when I'm writing my blog.

If you want to check out their Github at


I like my blog. Keep up the good work.