Monetizing My Blog

I have a nice looking blog using a Bootstrap theme and I have a nice mySQL database that I can add blogs to with phpMyAdmin saving me time from having to copy and paste HTML and creating new files. But I need some money so I can buy new Steam games. So it's time to monetize the blog.

And the easiest way to do that is with Google Adsense. Google Adsense allows me to add advertisments to my blog and I get paid per click. I already have a Google Adsense account set up so I'll just log in to my dashboard.

Now I click on sites then I click add site. Now I put in and submit it and copy the snippet of code they provide into my website. Now we wait for Google to check the site over and see if everything's okay. This could take up to two weeks hopefully not.

Now the site is prepping for monetization ads. I'll come back and update the blog when the prepping has finished. Until then check out the next one where we add a sidebar. It's gonna be a great place for our ads as well as a menu and an about section.

Ok I'm back and we are approved by Google Adsense to display ads on our site. If you want to support the blog please consider checking out the ads in the sidebar or under the blog on mobile. And if you have ad blocker on please consider disabling it for my website. I appreciate your support.