The Almighty Database

It's here. December 12th the day I give up on trying to work so hard on my blog. It's a special day. A day that will be remembered by as long as this blog site lasts. It will be stored in the anals of the interwebs. It's time for a database.

Yes the almighty power of the database. When databases were discovered many wonderful things were born. Facebook, Youtube, Google, Wikipedia, must I go on because I could but I respect your time and my time. And today databases hold the entire wealth of sentient human knowledge. And now that we have that out of the way we can use that as a small reason to use one for my blog about building a blog site with straight up Linux and have it published to the world for almost free. I'm doing you a favor. I'm putting the keys in your hand to speak about your life in a way that would discourage your friends from ever making fun of you again. But you got to come back to find out what happens next to this blog because I'm gonna be talking about each and every problem I run into. And I'm not going to be complaining about it unless it's work. Because I don't like work. But I don't mind putting the system to work and save me enough time to play video games.

My cPanel comes with some free databases. And I will set those up in the cPanel. I'll log in and go to the databases section and click on MySQL Databases. I create a new database and call it whatever I want. Then I add a privledged user to it. Now we have a database for the blogs on the site.

But I can't put the blogs into the database unless I have a table to put it in. So I'll open up phpmyadmin and create a table called blogs and then create some fields for it. And I'll make an id, permalink, title, date, image, and content field.

Now I'll start adding the blogs to the table from the website my copying and pasting. The blogs are in the database but the blog data is not connected to the site. So now I'll start bridging the gap between the database and the site using the model, view, controller design pattern in the next blog.