A Picture is Worth 1000 Blogs

The blog has came from Craigslist to baller status. But the preview images of the blogs are dummy images. A descriptive image would add at least add 1000 blog baller points to each blog. I'll add a screenshot of the blog when it looked liked Craigslist on the first blog.

I'll use the jumbotron HTML to display the image on top of the blog pages. I'll give the jumbotron a fixed height and use the blog images as backgrounds so I can align it in the center of the jumbotron. And for the size of the image I'll use "cover" to fit the image in the jumbotron. So if the image is too small or too large it will be forced to fit in the jumbotron.

That looks good! Now I'll add images to each of the previews and blogs. And still doing it. Still working on it. And that took a long time.

Now it's a blog with blog image previews and blog images over the blogs. What better way to draw your readers in and keep from boring them to death. And next time we are gonna take a look at our first bug. What is it? Find out on the next blog.