Using Google Analytics On Your Blog

Google Adwords allows you to track some basic information like user impressions however it's very limited in the detail of the analytics it gives you. And Google has a service that gives you far more useful information and it's called Google Analytics.

I just need to add my website to my Google Analytics Dashboard. So I'll sign in and click on "Admin". I'll click on the dropdown and select the account I want to use. Now I'll add a new property in the middle column.

Now I'll fill in my website details and click Get Tracking ID button to get the code snippet to add to the head tag of the HTML of the website.

Now I just copy the snippet into my HTML and I'm done. Google Analytics has not been installed on my site and I can track user data on it.

Right now there is not data collected yet but I'll check back later and update the blog. Also Google Analytics has an app I can install on my phone. I'll install that and select "Zach the Web Guy". And look at that I already have 1 user. And it's probably me. Sad face.

There's another valuable tool Google provides for my blog that I can easily setup with analytics and that is the Google Search Console. So with the search console tool I can get more insight on what my audience interests are and how my blog is being found organically on the Google search results.

So I'll click on Acquisition in the Analytics Dashboard. I go to Search Consoles then Landing Pages. Now I click on Setup Search Console data sharing. Now in the Google Search Console I click the dropdown in the top left and click on Add New Property. Not I'll enter my domain And we're done. We now have Google Search Console enabled and installed for the blog. No data is available right now because it just started tracking but in a few days I'll check back.

So now I've got a great tool for tracking my audience for my blog and could help me come out with more relevant content.