Why does my blog look like Craigslist?

We have the blog live on the interwebs and that's great because I can share my blog with my friends now and family. however, how do you keep your freinds from making fun of you because your blog looks like Craigslist.

Bootstrap is a CSS framework that gives us tools to style the website and make it look better than Craigslist. To get bootstrap into the system I could upload it to my server or I could point to the files hosted on another secure server. Because I'm too lazy to download it I will just point to it within the HTML and have access to the tools. I'll just head on over to www.bootstrapcdn.com and copy the links into my HTML. There only two files I only need a couple files to import, the Bootstrap CSS and the Bootstrap JavaScript.

Without even changing HTML or adding any classes to it, it already looks better. However the text still goes across the whole window and on large monitors it can be difficult to read with the browswer window is maximized. Bootstrap has a class called container that we can use to wrap our content on the blog site. So I'll add a new div parent to the content and add a class to it called 'container'. Now the site has margins it looks better and easier to read.


Great blog 10/10