I was hired to work on a junk website and here's what happened

I was chatting with a client that I had built a website for in 2012 for his junk removal service. He had the site taken down years ago.

He asked if he could get his site back online. So I was looking through my Google Drive files and I still had the files from years ago, however there were some files missing. So I uploaded them on my server to see if the site still worked, however I was missing the images of the slideshow and I don't know why they're missing because they should be there.

The site looked dull with only text and no images. However, I had some images of his junk hauling truck and trailers however the image was 3.3 megabytes. Now days the internet is fast enough to handle it however there is no reason to have an image that big on a website unless they're NASA pics of the surface of the moon. So I resized the images on my Chromebook with Pixlr and uploaded it to the site.

Now that looks better and it's mobile responsive because of custom media queries i wrote years ago. Actually the whole site was hand coded. I didn't use anything but vanilla CSS and JS.

If I had to redo it again I would have chosen Bootstrap because it saves a lot of time. However since the site was already done there was no need to reinvent the wheel.

I updated the text with some of the things he asked to be on the site. But before I go live with the site at cnltrashremoval I'll send him the staging url, cnlhauling.zachdyerdesign.com.

I showed the site to the client to review and he said that "it was perfect!" Another happy customer!

I'll upload the files to a Github repository and launch the site on Github Pages. Github Pages is free hosting and I've passed on the savings to my client. Then I can secure the domain and point it to the GH Pages site.

Then his site for his business from years ago will be back online. Maybe one day I will ask him if he wants tracking goals on his site and Google AdWords to help promote the site while the organic results are developing over time.


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